What I Do

Sound Design

Whether it is realistic soundscaping or out-of-this-world effects, I will try my best to provide something that is perfect for the project

Music Composition

I love to provide a musical experience perfect for the the environment we are creating. I strive to provide the best interactive musical experience in the industry

Audio Implementation

I love to get my hands into the project and game engine to make sure the audio is implemented in the correct way. I am fully knowledgeable with Unity, Unreal, C# and Audio Middleware such as Wwise and FMOD

Nick van Kleef

Game Audio Designer

I am a game designer from the Netherlands who has worked on supplying the best interactive audio for both Indie and Triple-A Games. Please look around my portfolio for samples of my work and the projects I worked on.

Hit me up through any social media platform or mail to contact me!