Game Audio | Interactive Music | Implementation

My name is Nick van Kleef and I am a composer and sound designer for games and interactive media.

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Horizon Zero Dawn


Music and Sound Design Demo Reel

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Projects I've worked on:

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    The beautiful open world game by Guerrilla games and published by Sony for the PS4
  • Jelly Jellies

    An upcoming new-generation match-3 game published by Primal Studios
  • Rursus

    A small puzzle mobile game using unique perspectives
  • Teddy Terror

    A rogue-lite survival retro 8-bit game out on Steam
  • Adaptive Music Demo

    Adaptive and interactive music using FMOD in the first person free-running game Mirror's edge


I am a composer and sound designer for games, specialising in interactive music systems. I have worked on both indie and triple-A game titles. I also major Music Design for Games & Interaction at the High School of Arts Utrecht, Netherlands.

My first love is video game music and sound (read also: avid gamer!) and I quickly found myself creating complex musical systems that produce music and sound to accomodate for every game situation. My experience in Unity, FMOD and Wwise have brought me to create exciting and creative new ways of dealing with music and sound. I take challenges head on and always strive to provide the best quality audio. It is important for me to take the world imagined by developers and translate that into music and sound. Therefore communication and feedback are top priorities in any project.